• Digitally Printed ACM Wall Sign in Cramerton, NC
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    Posted on: August 07, 2018
    Posted by: Kevin Kitts

    Digital Print Sign for Floyd and Blackie’s Coffeehouse & Ice Cream

    Greg and Kathy Ramsey, husband and wife team from Cramerton, NC, had a dream of owning and operating a small business that would be a gathering place for all residents to work, play, and share their love of God, family, and community.  Eventually Greg and Kathy had the opportunity to purchase the perfect space on the river in the delightful little town of Cramerton.  Through much blood, sweat, and tears and many prayers their dream became a reality, and they opened Floyd and Blackie’s, a coffeehouse and ice cream shop.  Where does the floating goat come in, you ask?  In addition to the coffee shop, Greg and Kathy own a small kayak rental business, the Floating Goat, which also operates out of their property.  So aptly named for Goat Island which is located right across from the coffeehouse on the South Fork Catawba River.

    Several years after opening the business, the mayor of Cramerton, Bill Cauthen, presented Greg with a design of a goat standing in a kayak.  While on a kayak trip in Cramerton, another member of the community photographed beautiful images of the river and gave the images to Greg.  Greg, in turn, provided Engaging Signs the stylized lettering used on the labels of his coffee products and we combined all these creative elements to design and craft the beautiful and humorous sign representing Floyd and Blackie’s as shown in this blog.  This sign is a mural of all of these different elements.

    This sign was created using a digitally printed image on an ACM  (aluminium composite material) panel.  To help maintain the clear, sharp image a UV protective laminate file was added to protect it from the sun, wind, and rain.  By using UV over-laminate, the longevity of this sign is prolonged to minimize fading and other adverse weather effects.

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    What do you do with a damaged sign?  Find out in our next blog.

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    Kevin and Greg pose with the new Floyd & Blackie’s sign.