• High Impact Illuminated Lobby Signs
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    Posted on: February 07, 2018
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    In the present day world, the brand is the nerve center of every business. A business’ brand is tied to its success. As such, each and every aspect of a business including lobby signs should market a company’s brand. Therefore, a well-installed lobby sign can be the key to reinforcing, authenticating and marketing your brand. This article thus seeks to offer readers a thorough analysis of high impact illuminated lobby signs.

    Lobby Signs – Used to Invite and Inform

    Also referred to as reception area signs, lobby signs are signs mostly installed at the entrance or reception areas of business. They are used to invite and provide information to potential clients about a business. Examples of illuminated lobby signs include: halo illuminated lobby signs and combination signs.

    1. Halo illuminated lobby signs

    Stand-offs and spacers are used in installing these lobby signs. The signs are available either as combinations of letters, sign panels or individual letters.

    1. Combination signs

    Lobby signs can also be installed combing halo, edge or face illumination. Such lobby signs allow room for more customized designs and unique representations of businesses’ brands.

    The Importance of High Impact Illuminated Lobby Signs

    1. Boost the business’ credibility

    Displaying your awards and accolades using illuminated lobby signs affirms your business’ credibility. Potential clients become aware of your accomplishments. They are in turn motivated to initiate and close business deals with your firm.

    1. Create a great first impression on potential clients

    Based on numerous scientific studies, the first impression of a business to potential clients becomes their primary perception and it hardly changes. This gives businesses more reason to use a smart and unique branding campaign (illuminated lobby signs) to attract potential clients.

    1. Provide more information about a business

    A key goal of clients is to understand what a business does. Using lobby signs enables clients to gain more information about your business. Lobby signs that display your logo, vision or slogan enlighten clients about your business.

    1. Invite and welcome clients and visitors

    Illuminated lobby signs in the reception area convey a welcoming and warm atmosphere to clients. Clients feel comfortable to be in your business. It motivates them to visit again which increases the probability of making more revenue.

    Do you envision success in your business? Do you desire a unique brand that advances your business’ key objective to target stakeholders? If so, you need to incorporate high-quality lobby signs in your business.

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