Event Displays and Promotional Materials

As a vendor, your goals for a retail promotion or a trade show are the same, to make as many impressions as possible for the greatest ROI. Our Event Displays and Promotional Materials will make your brand’s messaging impossible to ignore!

Retractable Banners

Retractable Banners

Retractable Banners give a lot of the benefit of a brick-and-mortar location but have the added stress of being easy to travel with and easy to set up. We aim to create signage solutions for any event or promotion that is ready for transit. Our team helps explain to our clients how to best store and set up their displays to make creating them a lot less stressful.

With convenient use, it’s easier to focus on the important part of your banner: the design. It needs to be interesting enough to catch the eye of those passing by while staying professional and easy to read. The message of the banner should be clear to the casual onlooker, yet intriguing enough to bring them to your display. There are a few design tips to keep in mind to make designing your banner as stress-free as possible.

  1. Keep the logo at the top of the banner for the most exposure.
  2. Display important information from left to right, as this is how people naturally read.
  3. Use contrasting colors to make the biggest impact.
  4. Make use of the customization features we offer in banner stands.
  5. Use high quality images that catch the eye.
  6. Avoid specific dates to get the most out of your banner.
  7. Keep distance in mind. If your banner will most often be seen from far away, keep all elements large on the banner and avoid small text.

Keeping everything easy to read is one of the most important key features of these banners. Some simple font tips include:

  • Keep fonts simple and clear
  • Arial and other non-serif fonts are the most popular, while Helvetica is the easiest to read through
  • Times New Roman and other serif fonts should be completely avoided
  • Italicized fonts are extremely difficult to read
  • Keep font sizes at a minimum of 150 but can be as large as 300.
  • Smaller fonts should never be smaller than 36