• Sign Design Basics: Logo Designs
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    Posted on: March 20, 2018
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    The first thing you notice about any brand is its logo. So, graphic design is something you should pay attention to when creating an effective visual representation. Having specific skills and plenty of knowledge all contribute to designing a successful logo.

    Here are some rules that can be used to make sure your logo is effective:

    1. Preliminary work

    You can sketch your ideas with a simple pen and paper drawings. You can start with 20 or 30 sketches and then make them more elaborate as you develop your ideas. This part of the process of designing a logo often takes most time for any designer.

    1. Balance

    It is important to create balance in logo design to make it pleasing and appealing. A balanced design is the safest approach as your logo will be seen by a larger audience and not just few professionals.

    1. Size

    The logo has to be legible, so size is important. It has to look good when used on larger formats.

    1. Smart use of colors

    Basic rules for using colors are: Use colors that are close at the color wheel (make a distinction between the “warm”and “cold” palette). Avoid using too bright colors.The logo must look good in 2 colors, too.

    If you have a good reason, you are allowed to break the rules. You can play around with different colors knowing how color can evoke a mood.

    1. Design should match the company

    Design style should suit the company, match and reflect its background.

    1. Typography is very important

    Make sure you test various font types before deciding on the right typography.

    1. Be recognizable

    By combining various elements — style, size, color, typography and originality — you can create a popular and striking logo.

    1. Be daring, be different

    You can be different when you break rules of designing and take risks, experiment, have fun.

    1. Be simple

    The simpler your logo is, it’s more likely to catch the eye of the audience.

    1. Be easy with effects

    You can play around with graphic design programmes, but the most important thing is always to be simple.

    1. Develop your own design process
    2. See other designs as inspiration

    Don’t copy other designers’ work. Be original and creative.

    1. Work together

    Collaborate with other designers, copywriters, marketers…

    1. Make sure it is appropriate

    Be sure the logo fits its purpose. There is a great difference whether you make a logo for a cafe or a restaurant.

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