• Stand Out at a Tradeshow with Great Signage
    Posted on: February 13, 2018
    Posted by: engaging_comm_user

    You’ve signed up for an upcoming trade show, spent a sizeable number of your advertising dollars on securing a large booth and printing flyers. What will you do to stand out from the gimmicky competitors?

    The business world is a harsh place – new businesses are often overshadowed by established brands. Fail to grab the attendees’ attention and they won’t stick around and learn what pain your business solves.

    How will you use movement, signage, and lighting to lure visitors? The secret lies in preparation. Today, we’re learning on how businesses build brand recognition with the right trade show signage.


    What message are you conveying? Your signage should be clear, straight to the point and creative. A simple design isn’t achieved by combining dense text and unrelated visuals. Clearly, illustrate what your business does. Let your customers know what your brand offers right from the word go. Throughout your signs, badges, and banners, use consistent language. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel for each piece. Simple modifications are sufficient.


    Choosing the Right Colors

    The color scheme of your signage should be in line with the existing branding efforts. Bonus points if it matches your logo. Choose the two most predominant colors in your business premise and capitalize on their familiarity. Use these colors (or their complements) throughout your promotional materials and booth branding. Whenever possible, use the same color scheme on your freebies.

    PRO TIP: Engrave your logo, business name and contact information on all the promotional giveaway items. Your potential customers will know where to find you.

    Eliminate Confusion

    Have you ever gotten lost at an event? It happens more times than we’d wish. Use friendly informational signs to direct visitors to your booth. Get creative. What curiosity provoking information can you use to direct guests your way? All your competitors will be present at the trade show. Sometimes you need to be crafty to steal the show.


    When setting up booths, time is one thing we can never get enough of. Portable display systems are best suited for these events as they are relatively easy to setup and pull down. Ask for sturdy frames — you will be moving your signs.

    Your business is not represented best by a damaged sign. Use superior quality materials on your signs. No negotiations. Do your planning well and your business will be able to connect with trade show attendees.

    Ask Engaging Signs for a quote. Make the smart choice today.