• When Should I Consider Large Format Printing For My Signage Needs?
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    Posted on: February 20, 2018
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    Large format printing for signage can make retail displays and exhibition signs stand out while meeting budgets both small and big. Large format printing brings your display to life by giving a good impression to the traffic passing through your storefront.

    Following are circumstances when you should consider large format printing for your signage needs.

    1. When you want to boost your physical presence.

    Print media can take the form of postcards, flyers, brochures or posters, and yes, these media are still very much in use by those who want to establish their presence in the market, be it online or offline.

    When making use of posters, go large. Large format printing is a key to boosting your physical presence. Large doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive. In fact, when you think about it, you can actually save a lot more when you go for large format graphic instead of running multiple copies of small banners and brochures.

    1. When you want to reach more people at a single time.

    Besides, large format printed materials can reach out to more people at a single time, so unlike brochures and flyers that you have to hand out or mail individually. This should save you time and money on postage in the long run.

    Moreover, it’s impossible to turn a blind eye on posters that occupy a big amount of space. Take for instance those billboards; surely, these cannot escape your attention, more so if they come in full color and attractive designs.

    1. When you want to utilize your windows, clear glass and sliding doors as background.

    Even better, with large format graphic, you can utilize your windows, clear glass and sliding doors as background. This means that you are not limited to paper as the medium of printing. With large format printing, you can work with glass, vinyl, canvas or some other form of medium.

    Hire Professionals.

    Big format printing can significantly jumpstart your business and put you ahead of your competitors. Of course, you don’t just settle for any printing company that offers this kind of service. As you know, there are too many of them out there, but not everyone has the capability of providing you state of the art technology.

    If you want the best quality, then limit your choices to companies that have the most modern printing and editing facilities. Also, before finalizing your order, always ask for a sample print-out. 

    For more information about large format printing for your signage, contact us at Engaging Signs.